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Tourmaline Neck Brace Neck Massager Magnetic Neck Support

Tourmaline Neck Brace Neck Massager Magnetic Neck Support

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  1. Product Name - Tourmaline Neck Brace Neck Massager Magnetic Neck Support With Cervical Health Care Protective Gear Neck Brace And Neck Massager (Pack of 1)
  2.  Package Contain - Pack of 1
  3. Product Type- Cream 
  4. Color :Random Color
  5. Material : Fabric
  6.  Weight - 110grams
  7.  L-B-H - 20 X 10 X 4


1. Permanent Magnet: self-heating when meet with water

2. High-elastic Fabric: flexible and comfrotable

3. Hook and loop fastener


1. Strenthen neck care

2. Dredge the meridians

3. Promote blood circulation

4. Eliminate work stress

5. Promote sleep

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